BEARS Sidecar Newcomers to BHR

bears taster 3Back in March, at our Mallory Park test day, we offered a “Sidecar Taster Day”, where prospective drivers or passengers could have a go at muscling round a “BEARS” machine, and we were also graced by the presence of sidecar legends Steve Webster M.B.E.; Tony Hewitt M.B.E. and Stan Dibben to support the cause, and attract more people into this fantastic sport, and also into our friendly welcoming club.


As a direct result, we have had three new teams turn out “BEARS” sidecars into this championship, which is only into its second season.  This has proven that the “Taster Day” can be declared a success for both the class, and B.H.R. as a whole in attracting new blood.  These competitors are from other motorsport disciplines, or even former B.H.R. competitors returning to us for a more cost-effective way to compete in sidecar racing, with all the thrills of which more traditional and established sidecar classes offer.

We would like to welcome these riders to our family and give you a quick profile of them . . .

Anglesey 2015 Picture by Lee Hollick Photography

Jack wright/Simon Wright #65, Alan Warnor #138 Picture by Lee Hollick Photography

Driver/Passenger:  Jack Wright / Simon Wright

Rider No:  65

Location:  Oakham

Machine: BMW RST 998cc

Racing History:  Jack previously raced modern solo machinery.  Simon, father to Jack, passengered over twenty years ago with B.H.R. and the pair have teamed up together, and were immediately competitive with our established “BEARS” riders at Anglesey.  Great to see them mixing it up and hope to see them continue with us this season and beyond.


Stephen Frayne/James Cook Lee Hollick Photography

Stephen Frayne/James Cook
Lee Hollick Photography

Driver/Passenger:  Stephen Frayne / James Cook

Rider No: 137

Location:  Old Hall

Machine:  BMW K100

Racing History:

Stephen raced Bantams with B.H.R. back in 2004-2010.  When our “BEARS” solo class was established, Stephen bought an engine to build a solo but never got round to it.  Stephen come to our “BEARS” Taster Day and enjoyed it so much he put this engine he had originally bought into a sidecar frame and competed for the first time with James Cook at our Anglesey fixture. I did not manage to speak with James as he wasn’t about at the time.


Driver/Passenger:  Alan Warner / T.B.A.

Rider No: 138

Location:  Isle of Man

Machine:  BMW K100

Racing History:

Alan has raced the famous Isle of Man TT Races but retired from it due to wanting a more relaxing way of racing without all the pressures.  Alan competed with B.H.R. at our Anglesey fixture for the first time on a “BEARS” outfit which is a pilot machine for others to use in the 2016 season.  Alan will be building one of his own to use next year.

The pilot outfit is another great way of introducing novices to sidecar racing without the initial outlay.  The BMW is owned by “BEARS” sidecar champion 2014 “SlowPhil” (Phil Jones) who still competes on another BMW K100, which he tiredlessly worked on over the winter with help to attempt to defend his title this year.  You can contact him to arrange to have a go on the outfit: – I would also recommend that you to listen to his online radio show (links on the menu under news).

Thanks go to the following “BEARS” competitors for their help in organising the Sidecar Taster Day, and drawing in new riders and passengers with their passion for the club and the event:

sidecarshow500pxSlowphil (phil Jones)

John Lorriman

David Sykes

Adam Pope (also a sponsor for the event and builds the outfits, and is happy to offer advice and help, please see sponsors section for his contact details “PB Mechanical”)

Jim Steel

Claire Duplock

And also the B.H.R. Committee for their support with this initiative.

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