Anglesey Report Round 3 & 4

Anglesey Round 3 & 4 With BHR

sarah measures

Sarah Measures Lee Hollick Photography

After a good start to the season at Mallory we headed to the picturesque Anglesey circuit. The weather was kind, and not a drop of rain was to be seen by competitors all weekend. I spent most of my weekend by the lovely Gary Gardiner, with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the commentary box. It was great to have this popular man back with BHR and will look forward to his return at our Darley Moor fixture in August; Gary now spends his time between various clubs, particularly the Wirral 100.

We had a few riders having unfortunate incidents, nothing too serious, but on behalf of BHR I would like to wish Paul Matravers; David Sykes; Dave Williams and Sarah Measures a speedy recovery and hope to see you at Croft in June.

Event 5: Goodwin Championship/ Event 4: Palletforce Championship

Event 5 had a clean sweep of wins from the “humbled gentleman” all the way from the Isle of Man: Rich Hawkins. Good clean solid riding all weekend, taking a considerable lead over the rest of the field within

Richard Hawkins Lee Hollick Photography

Richard Hawkins
Lee Hollick Photography

the first lap. Dave Matravers and John Warwick battled hard all weekend for the remaining podium placings – Dave taking two seconds on Saturday and John doing likewise on the Sunday. Rod Graham also had a successful weekend, taking home the “Albert Green Trophy” for best Nottingham rider.

Event 4: Ian Henshaw did not have the best of starts, failing to finish in the first race due to clutch problems, but taking both wins on Sunday. Phil Betty had a consistent ride all weekend on his Triumph T21 taking three second positions and one win. Paul Matravers took the fastest lap of the weekend in this event, with a 1:30.86 in the first race and taking the win before his unfortunate accident in the second race, sustaining minor injuries, from which we wish him a fast recovery. Paul is the father to Dave Matravers, who got his dad into the racing with BHR in 2007 – a few years after Dave had started racing with us on his first solo machine: a Triumph. Both have competed at the Manx G.P. in recent years; Dave not having the best of luck as he does at the club circuits, but Paul finishing his first ever race back in 2010 on his Manx Norton.

Event 19: BSSO Scooter Championship (geared scooters) Event 20: Automatic Scooters

This class offered some of the best racing all weekend with no predictability of results. Saturdays front runners from event 19; Damon Tunnicliffe Team SRP and Team Replay Brother Steve Conneely and Darren Conneely were battling hard, Steve taking first in race one and Damon taking first in the second race. Mike Bonett JB Tuning and Stuart Day had technical difficulties in the first race of the weekend, although Stuart bagged a second place in the last race of Saturday, Mike with another DNF. Sunday it was all change, and it was anybodies race between Event 19 riders on their Group 6 machines, Damon taking the win on the first race of Sunday, closely followed across the line by Michael Bonett and Stuart Day respectively, Darren Conneely not far adrift in fourth! The last race of the weekend saw Michael Bonett snatching the win in the closing lap from Damon Tunnicliffe, however Damon receiving a time penalty for overtaking under a yellow flag putting him in fourth leaving Stuart Day and Darren Conneely taking second and third positions. The fastest lap of event 19 during the weekend went to Michael Bonett with a 1:26.14 in that final race.

Joe Ravenscroft #73 Steve Conneely #6 Dareen Conneely #98 Damon Tunnicliffe #1 Lee hollick photography

Joe Ravenscroft #73
Steve Conneely #6
Dareen Conneely #98
Damon Tunnicliffe #1
Lee hollick photography

Group 4 riders, using the piston port engines, showed Dareen Conneely taking all four wins.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, there was also the exceptional riding of Joe Ravenscroft in event 20 on his Group 6a machine; who despite the ten second delay off the start line behind the geared scooters, carved through the field catching the front riders from group 6 and winning the race overall, he also produced a fastest lap of both events with a 1:23.96. The young, talented rider, who also competes on more modern machinery with other clubs was spectacular to watch and no one had an answer for – definitely one to watch in the future! Group 10 positions saw Justin price taking a brace of wins, but sufferedtechnical difficulties in his other races; and Mark Clipstone made no mistake to capitalise and seize the others. Mark; is father to Ryan who also produced a solid set of second positions in the group 6a over the course of the weekend, making it a largely successful weekend for the family.

Event 13: BEARS Solo Championship F1, F2, F3 up to 1986/Event 8: Three BEARS Championship/Event 9: Pre 1963 over 500cc championship

Angela Cragg  Lee Hollick Photography

Angela Cragg
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 13 had a number of riders running at the front all weekend: Scott Harris taking both wins on Saturday on his Norton Kirby 920; with Chris Heitman taking both wins on Sunday on his BSA Rocket 3. There was close and competitive racing throughout the field with Richard Hawksworth; Rich Stubbs; Robin Webster and Nic Powell all battling for the same piece of tarmac. The fastest Lap of the weekend went to Scott Harris in Saturday’s first race, with a 1:22.11. Tim Woolley, in event 8, had a consistent weekend racking the points up, finishing third on the road and taking one win and 3 second places over the weekend. Mike Bevan took the two wins on Sunday and Gary Porter also won one on his 750 Rob North BSA, which I am told was ridden by the “Bradford Bullet” Dean Harrison in the Formula Classic TT in 2013. Event 3 had the best entry, but with all grids mixed together it meant the pre-63 competitors were mixing it up with the larger capacity modern bikes. Mike Ley having another good weekend as he did at Mallory taking two wins; and Richard Moss, son of our very own legend Roger Moss, doing likewise. Roger had intended to be at Anglesey but unfortunately couldn’t make it, we do hope to see his superb machines out at our next fixtures.

Event 16: Sidecar Based Three Wheeler Championship/Event 18: PB Mechanical Services championship

Adam Pope  Lee Hollick Photography

Adam Pope
Lee Hollick Photography

A healthy grid for these two events had been received, which promised some close racing. The BEARS championship, event 18, saw three new bears outfits form up on the grid. (A separate report will be written with regards to the BEARS class – please look out on our website over the next week: The competition was hard-fought from the start on Saturday, although Adam pope took a healthy lead in both races on Saturday and also the fastest lap of the weekend with 1:34.51. 2014 Championship winners Phil Jones and Clare Duplock took both runners-up spots on the Saturday, and a pair of wins on the Sunday. Newcomers father and son Jack and Simon Wright had a good weekend on their debut to BEARS sidecar racing with a second, third and two fourths so definitely an outfit to watch out for over the season. John Lorriman and Jim steel did not have the best of luck on Saturday with their machine in the first race, but bounced back to take two thirds and a fourth over the remainder of the weekend. This championship is not looking at all predictable, as was the case in 2014, so stay tuned as the season progresses as there is still everything to play for. Thank you to Adam Pope also who sponsors this event; PB Mechanical Services.

Dawson Duo Lee Hollick Photography

Dawson Duo
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 16: It was great to see former TT sidecar team Lenny Pallister and Ian Marriner out with BHR again following Mallory. They had a storming ride with three wins and, sadly, a DNF in the fourth race; clearly showing their experience and teamwork together is still a force to be reckoned with. Second and third places were shared equally between the father and son pairing of Adrian and Bob Dawson; and Phil Holt and Geoff Gamble – Phil not making it to Mallory so was out to claw back as many points as possible. For those of you are not aware, Adrian raced in the F2 Sidecar fraternity over twenty years ago, however a serious accident at Oliver’s Mount left Adrian in a wheel chair which prevented him racing, until last year when he was reissued with his race licence; and has joined BHR on his BMW outfit previously owned by the lovely Dave Worrall. All the controls for gears etc are on the handle bars and it is inspirational to see this pair consistently at the front. I wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

Event 10; Woodland Oil Championship/Event14: D & M Engineering Championship/Event 1: Tuers Garage Championship

Tony Perkin Lee Hollick Photography

Tony Perkin
Lee Hollick Photography

This grid was one of the largest of the weekend, and was rather confusing at times as to who was competing in which event! In event 10, Mike Bevan took the first three race wins by a clear margin. Tim Woolley was also showing his consistency, as was the case in his other events, with two second and two third places. In event 14, John Warwick had dominant wins over the rest of the field in three of the four races; Peter Carroll taking the other (the opening race of the weekend). Red flags were unfortunately required in both of the races on Saturday, for incidents involving Dave Matravers and Sarah Measures, both riders thankfully o.k.; Dave Matravers not letting anything stop him in his other events entered! Event 1 saw Tony Perkin take all four wins and also the Frank Pearce Trophy which was presented on the day – good consistent riding all weekend on his Rudge Special which is also entered into our new championship “The Pushrod Cup”. This is for any machines running pushrod motors, that accumulate their points over the season. This is the inaugural running of this championship, and takes into account all events.

Event 12: Lacey Ducati Championship/Event 11: Rex Caunt Racing Championship

Rod Graham Lee Hollick Photography

Rod Graham
Lee Hollick Photography

With a good entry of Ducati’s and Bantam’s in attendance, some excellent racing was enjoyed, much to the delight ofthe spectators. The Lacey Ducati championship was spectacular; Rich Hawkins again winning all four races and taking an exceptional lead by the end of the first lap in each of them. Second to sixth positions were not so clear-cut and had us on the edge of our seats throughout. Rod Graham, Doug Snow, Rob Butler, Michael Fox, Geoff Mills and Ian Henshaw confirmed this is a brilliant championship not only to be a part of, but also to watch.

Event 11: Ian Scutt took the first win of the weekend but Mike Powell, a long standing competitor, was not going to let Ian take another and duly won the remaining three. Ian having to settle for a second, and unfortunately, two DNF’s. Richard Duesbury had a good clean consistent weekend, taking two thirds on Saturday and two seconds on Sunday. Even though Ian didn’t have much luck on Sunday with his machine he did take the fastest lap of the weekend with a

Rob Duesbury Lee Hollick Photography

Rob Duesbury
Lee Hollick Photography

1:27.81 which must of softened the blow. The lads were also racing for the “Tom Miller Trophy” by which they accumulate points at each meeting. Mike Powell took the win in this category, followed by Robert Duesbury and returnee Mike McDonnell, who was racing with the Classic Club last year – it was great to have him back with BHR once again! Mike Powell leads with 158 points over Robert Duesbury in second position with 114 in the Rex Caunt Championship; not a wholly foregone conclusion, but already a formidable points tally for Powell.

Event 17: Penguin Speed Shops Championship/ Event 15: Pre 59 sidecar outfits championship

Tony Banister and Colin Banks were reunited again to win race one of the weekend followed by Adam Pope. It was a Triumph Thunderbird 1 & 2; with the Whittaker’s taking third position on their BSA Road Rocket 650. This was to all change for the rest of the programmed races as Julian Bishop took the remaining wins of the weekend on his Vincent Rapide 1297 outfit. Julian having a stand in passenger in place of his usual

Julian Bishop/Rebecca Howse Lee Hollick Photography

Julian Bishop/Rebecca Howse
Lee Hollick Photography

team mate Rebecca Howes – Rebecca a very dedicated mother, competing with Julian in the Sunday races. Julian and Rebecca were 2013 championship winners in this event, but took a time out in 2014 only competing in a few meetings. Event 17 saw a clear sweep by Hamish Bibby, with passenger Ian Stewart taking the hot seat and having to “drive the socks off it” against classic invite Drew Thompson and Danny Quirk on their indecently quick 1300 BMW.

Event 7: Bob Newby Championship/ Event 6: Pre 1963 351cc-500cc championship

Event 7 was brilliant to watch as three riders were constantly overtaking one another and going side by side into bends with no quarter given. Gary Gardiner and I were getting very excited and at some points shutting our eyes as those concerned battled it out! Dave Matravers took one first and two seconds even after his nasty off on Saturday – the adrenaline must have certainly been pumping and he showed no mercy.

Mike Poweel #33 Dave Matravers #74 Clive Ling #137 Lee Hollick Photography

Mike Poweel #33
Dave Matravers #74
Clive Ling #137
Lee Hollick Photography

Clive Ling also took a win, two seconds and a third, and Mick Powell after a DNF in his first race had one third on Saturday, and two firsts on Sunday. It was certainly heart pounding stuff to watch!!!

Event 6: Mike Bevan took three wins over Jack Hebb taking three seconds and then a first in the last race, which Mike did not make it to the grid.

Event 3:250cc to 1972 specials championship/Event 2: Pre 1963 250cc championship

Event 3 was closely fought all weekend between Charles Davies, Geoff Mills and Rob Butler. The last race of the weekend finished the meeting off perfectly, with some “right good dicing” going off between the three riders throughout the entirety of the race – nobody could predict who would make it to the chequered flag first. On the last lap going through School Corner side by side it was a matter of who was going to brake first, Charles Davies took the lead and carried

the momentum, taking four deserving wins but was made to work hard throughout. Rob Butler and Geoff Mills shared the bottom two steps on the podium equally, with two seconds and two thirds apiece.

Geoff Mills #94 Rob Butler #97 Lee Hollick Photography

Geoff Mills #94
Rob Butler #97
Lee Hollick Photography


Our next fixture is at Croft, North Yorkshire, on the 13th and 14th of June. BHR haven’t been to Croft for many years so one too look forward to by all. See you all hopefully then. Please visit the website for all BHR related information.