Darley Moor August 2015

Darley Moor Rounds 9 & 10

Alec Gilfillan Lee Hollick Photography

Alec Gilfillan
Lee Hollick Photography

The weather was kind to us all weekend, following a very wet Friday evening. The paddock was packed full and once again we welcomed the Earlystocks Club and our long standing BSSO British Scooter racing lads.  I would like to thank all marshals and officials for a great weekend and wish those parties involved in accidents a quick recovery.
Cadwell Park is our last fixture of the season on the 26th and 27th September; always a well subscribed meeting with traditionally the highest number of entries in our calendar. We will also be hosting the Earlystocks and the BSSO British Scooter Racing Championships which have titles still to be decided. For the very first time, we are honoured to be hosting a round of the very famous Camathias Cup Sidecar Championships. PR5 and PR6 parades are available, and also taxi rides with our sidecar competitors raising money for the local air ambulance – raising money for a great cause and providing an adrenaline rush at the same time! I hope to see lots of you there to end a terrific season with BHR in 2015. Please visit the website for all our information at www.britishhistoricracingclub.co.uk. Thanks for all the pictures contained in this report by lee hollick photography you can view more of his pictures at:  http://leehollickphotography.zenfolio.com/f1010273017

Event 7: Bob Newby Racing Championship / Event 6: Pre-1963 351cc – 500cc championship

David "the rug doctor" Lissaman & John Fawcett Lee Hollick Photography

David “the rug doctor” Lissaman & John Fawcett
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 7 is pretty close at the top of the table between Dave Matravers and Mike Powell. Dave, with a new engine in ready for the Manx Grand Prix, took a new lap record and the first race win away from Rob Walker, set only last year. Mike had no answer for Daves flying G50, but never gave up, with only a couple of seconds separating them throughout the weekend. However, Dave took all four wins and now having a twenty four point lead in the championship from Mike Powell, it is all going to the bitter end, and I myself can’t wait for Cadwell in a few weeks time. John Fawcett also joined in to make it a great battle. Event 6 was also mixed into this race, with Jack Hebb and Nick Bedford fighting for top spot. Jack Hebb has a clear lead in this championship and provisionally is the 2015 winner of this event; however nothing can be taken away from Nick Bedford in second place, who has been right there with him throughout the season.

Event 9: Pre-1963 over 500cc championship / Event 8: Three Bears Championship / Event 27

Ben Kingham & John Warwick Lee Hollick Photography

Ben Kingham & John Warwick
Lee Hollick Photography

Earlystocks Championship

Well, “Wow” was the first word which sprung to mind when this grid lined up – Darley’s grid being one of

the tightest on the calendar, and these events combined to make one of the largest of the weekend. Great to have the Earlystocks back with BHR and nothing failed to disappoint. Ben Kingham had a heart-stopping start, with a huge wheelie off the line losing him places, giving him a massive amount of work to do, to finish second from an outstanding victory by Alec Gilfillan. Alec had an awesome weekend and was absolutely flying taking all four wins; but not all as easy as the first. John Warwick and Clive Wadley also had a decent weekend of racing: super close and super

Mike Kemp Lee Hollick Photography

Mike Kemp
Lee Hollick Photography

fast. It was nice to see Mike Kemp back in event 9, also taking all four wins from Mike Ley who is now provisionally the Event 9 2015 winner – many congratulations to a loyal competitor with BHR. Event 8 welcomed classic invite David Bradley who took three wins over the weekend. Chris Heitmen had a mixed weekend, with a number of dnf’s but deservedly took a great win in the first race of Sunday. Mike Bevan also did not have the best of weekends, with an “off” at Paddock Bend, but luckily not preventing him from further action later in proceedings and he still retains the championship lead from his younger brother, Bobby, followed by Tim Woolley and Chris Heitman.

Event 17: Penguin Speed Shops Championship / Event 15: Pre-1959 Sidecar outfits championship

Philip Boote/Andrew "The Preacher" Haynes Lee Hollick Photography

Philip Boote/Andrew “The Preacher” Haynes
Lee Hollick Photography

There was another great line up on the grid in these combined events – packed like sardines in a tin! Lots of Morgan’s and a welcome addition to the grid were John Potts/Neil Dutton; John competed in the Pre-TT Classic back in May with our very own Claire “Lady Sidecar” Duplock. Also, Philip Boote and Andrew “The Preacher” Haynes on the mega ex-Nick Houghton MRE-Nourish sounding absolutely awesome. Speaking to Philip he will be back at Cadwell, and has been away from racing due to moving house so we will look forward to welcoming back there. The first race of the weekend saw Boote/Haynes have a great start and were chased by Bill Tuer and Sophie Timlin, holding them off by two seconds. The pair came round Paddock Bend as close as it comes and going across the line together for the last lap, Potts/Dutton were also neck and neck with Greg Bibby and Viki White. Boote/Haynes took the win by a slender margin from Tuer and Timlin, Greg Bibby came in third, from John Potts. Races two and three saw a brace of wins for Bill Tuer and Sophie Timlin, with Boote nursing the machine home due to with a smoking motor, which stopped them coming out for the last race before they caused damage to the engine which would be have been a hefty hit on their wallets! Potts and Dutton had a great weekend with a pair of second positions and then took the win in the final race of the weekend.

Tony Banister/Colin Banks & Adam Pope/John Christopher Lee Hollick Photography

Tony Banister/Colin Banks & Adam Pope/John Christopher
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 15 was nothing short of close too, and the spectators were spoilt with racing action. Julian Bishop and new stand in passenger Simon Clover took all four wins comfortably on their larger capacity engine over the other pre-59 machines. Adam Pope and Tony Banister had a close battle in race one, both sideways into Paddock Bend and treading on each others toes! The championship is tight between three pairings in this event: Joe White/Rebecca Howse; Julian Bishop/Sylvia Hase (regular passenger but away due to injury) and Adam Pope and John Christopher, and will be decided at the final round at Cadwell Park.

Event 5: Goodwin Championship / Event 4: Palletforce Championship (Event 50 Bonhams Auctioneers Over 50’s Championship)

Neil Ogden & Rich Hawkins Lee Hollick Photography

Neil Ogden & Rich Hawkins
Lee Hollick Photography

It was fantastic to see the “cool customer” that is Rich Hawkins back with us, all the way from the Isle of Man after recovering from some extensive injuries suffered at the Pre-TT Classic. Rich took two wins, and classic invite Richard Ogden the others. In Event 4, Nick Before had three wins, only spoilt with a DNF in the first due to his chain coming off! The over-50’s joined these two events in the final race of the weekend, with the win going to Mike Kemp, from David “The Rug Doctor” Lissaman, and Gareth Roberts third. Nick Bedford has a clear lead in the Event 4 Championship, going into Cadwell. Dave Matravers leads, but not by much over John Warwick in Event 5, and it’s a close encounter in the championship for the over 50’s between three riders: Tim Woolley; Richard Hawkesworth and David Lissaman.
Event 12: Lacey Ducati Championship / Event 11: Rex Caunt Racing Championship / Event 30: Shuttleworth Challenge Race- Push Start!

No sooner had Rich Hawkins return from the circuit from his previous race, he was lining up for this one – impressive! This event has been competitive all season and Darley was to prove no different. In the first race all riders were eager to go on the green lights – but not as eager as Geoff Mills, with a wheelie off the line and the start of a fantastic weekend for him. Andy Hunt and Rich Hawkins were battling hard for first place with Michael Fox chasing them down to the bitter end. Rich taking the first win Saturday and Andy taking the second. Sunday’s wins went the way of Rich Hawkins, unfortunately Andy Hunt not making it out due to mechanical problems, which meant Michael Fox took second positions, with Geoff

Ian Scutt & Mike Powell Lee Hollick Photography

Ian Scutt & Mike Powell
Lee Hollick Photography

Mills and Ian Henshaw sharing a third place apiece – the latter having endured a very mixed weekend of DNF’s and a fall which thankfully didn’t stop him continuing his pursuit in the others.

The Event 11 encounters were also as tight as ever, and the three riders at the top: Mike Powell; Ian Scutt and Robert Duebury were all fighting for points in their championship before the final rounds. Mike Powell will be pleased with his hat-trick of wins in this event, with Ian Scutt taking the other. Robbie Brown having an awful year so far was working on his bike until dark in torch light to get his engine sorted in the quest to finish a race – and that he did! Big smiles like he’d won a championship, the ups and downs of racing that we all can appreciate!

For those of you that have been racing with the club for many years, we used to have push starts which in some cases gave little predictability on the results and sometimes favouring the slower riders; who were specialists at the “1,2,3 bump and away” start! The banking was full of spectators, eager to witness this traditional method of starting and the lads formed up behind Event 3. Unlike the older days, where the machines shut off and the place went silent, Event 3 made their noise as they set off, leaving the Bantam lads – some paddling, some running beside their machines – as they set off, I do hope we still these starts again in the future and remember the “good old days”. Ian Scutt took the win and the championship in this summer series; Mike Powell suffered a DNF; with Michael Brown taking second position and Robert Duesbury third.

Greg Bibby/Vikki White & Hamish Bibby/Sophie Timlin Lee Hollick Photography

Greg Bibby/Vikki White & Hamish Bibby/Sophie Timlin
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 26: Morgan Challenge Championship

It is always a pleasure to host the Morgan event. Sue Derbyshire, a previous competitor in the 1990’s on a big wheeler Triumph was out driving her Morgan with husband George Derbyshire on the side lines watching. They are missed immensely from BHR and it’s always nice to see them come back. Sue took two third positions, while Bill Tuer and Sophie Timlin took both wins and Greg Bibby and Vikki White taking two runners-up placings.

Mike Bevan & John Warwick Lee Hollick Photography

Mike Bevan & John Warwick
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 14: D & M Engineering Championship / Event 1 Tuers Garage Championship

Event 14 was nothing short of impressive. Mike Bevan taking four solid wins, but by no means was it easy with John Warwick and Neil Ogden chasing his tail throughout. John Warwick took three second positions, and Neil Ogden the fourth. In Event 1 Simon Clover took a clean sweep of wins, retaining his second place in the championship standings, leaving Tony Perkin with a clear lead and a win in Event 1 for 2015. Simon also took the on-the-day award for winning the first event, “The Norman Francis Trophy”.

Simon Clover Lee Hollick Photography

Simon Clover
Lee Hollick Photography

Event 19 & 20 BSSO Geared and Automatic Scooters Championship

For a full extensive report on the cracking action these lads gave please visit www.scooterracing.org.uk

Event 13: BEARS Solo F1, F2, F3 Championships / Event 10: Woodland Oil Championship

Chris Heitman Lee Hollick Photography

Chris Heitman
Lee Hollick Photography

Ben Kingham took a clean sweep of win, giving himself a comfortable lead over Scott Harris in the F1 Championship. Nic Powell also had a good consistent weekend, and leads the F2 Championship, provisionally being the 2015 winner. In the F3 class, Robin Webster retains his championship lead, despite having van trouble which prevented him from getting to Darley, which I know he was disappointed about. In Event 10 there was a mixture of winners over the course of the weekend. Bobby Bevan had a great pair of wins on Saturday from Kevin Thurston, but then crashed at the same place as his brother Mike did that day, leaving him unable to get out for the final race. Bobby was fine and walked away smiling at his brother watching on the bank at how they both had achieved the same feat! David “The Rug Doctor” Lissaman won both of Sunday’s races.

Event 18: PB Mechanical Services Championship / Event 16: Sidecar Based Three Wheeler Championship / Event23a BSSO Scooter Sidecar Championship

The Bears Sidecar class is continuing to grow with new competitors. The championship remained close going into Darley between three teams: Adam Pope and John Christopher; John Lorriman and Jim Steel; and Phil “SlowPhil” Jones and Claire Duplock. The races this weekend awarded mixed results for all. John Lorriman having mechanical issues on Saturday left him using another competitor’s machine to try and keep the points coming in, securing a third spot, Phil Jones took the first win of the weekend after failing to get out for practice in time due to a flat battery, followed home by Adam Pope and John Christopher. The second race was not a pretty one, with Phil Jones and Claire Duplock flipping their BMW over due to a flat tyre at the hairpin whilst in the lead, followed closely by Adam Pope. The race was stopped, and thankfully both Phil and Claire walked away with minor cuts and bruises. The race was

David Crawford/David Baxter & Phil Holt/Geoff gamble Lee Hollick Photography

David Crawford/David Baxter & Phil Holt/Geoff gamble
Lee Hollick Photography

restarted, and Adam Pope took the win, with John Lorriman second and a newcomer this season all the way from the Isle of Man, Alan Warner and Ian Tennant taking third spot. On Sunday, Phil Jones was unable to participate following doctors advice, so he lent his outfit which was perfectly fine to his friend Paul Bateman an ex-British champion in karting, and Claire Duplock jumped straight back on alongside him. Hopefully we will see Paul as another newcomer next season in this class. Adam Pope took both wins on Sunday which means the provisional championship standings are as follows, Adam Pope with a comfortable 24 point lead going into Cadwell followed by John Lorriman and then Phil Jones 14 points behind him. It’s by no means over in this championship and consistency and reliability of machines will make all the difference in the last round – I would like to wish everyone the best of luck! Event 16 gave Adrian Dawson and son Bob Dawson a clean sweep of wins after a miserable blown engine which cut their racing short on the first day at lydden a few weeks back. Great pair to watch and an inspiration to all!

Event 3: Villers Marketing & Promotions Championship / Event 2: Pre-1963 250cc Championship

Geoff Mills and Matt Hebb Lee Hollick Photography

Geoff Mills and Matt Hebb
Lee Hollick Photography

What a corker of a battle all weekend between Matt Hebb and Geoff Mills! The first race saw Matt take the win, while still wearing an orange jacket and definitely showing true potential! The second race, which was held as the first race of Sunday’s programme due to time constraints and a red flag, saw Geoff Mills take his first win in a while and then followed it up by winning the remaining races too, it had certainly given him a charge and his wife Julie was going greyer by the minute watching! It was a superb battle between both riders all weekend and really got the crowd going. Ian Henshaw took a clean sweep of wins in Event 2.
Event21: Dijon Home and Flooring Novice Championship

Stefan Dilley took the win followed by the championship leader, Andrew Piggott going into the final round at Cadwell.