PR5 Requirements

Please dont be put off by this long piece of writing but we do have to follow the ACU handbook which is our governing body.  The following will give you the complete specification require to ride in our PR5 parades:


20.3 PR5 – SPECTATOR PARADES – SPEED CONTROLLED Where an opportunity is provided for riders of road going motorcycles to participate for their own pleasure on their own machines in controlled circumstances. 1. Machine Qualification. Machines must be road going, no race machines are permitted. Machines must be road worthy – the decision of the technical official/organiser is final in this matter. Organisers may limit the type of machine allowed or grade the machines into separate parades. 2. Rider Qualifications. 1. Riders under 70 years of age must hold a current ACU Road Race Competition Licence, or a current ACU Road Race Parade Licence or a Class A DVLA motorcycle licence. Participants AUTO CYCLE UNION HANDBOOK 2017 ROAD RACING 321 (including sidecar passengers) who are 70 years of age or over must hold a current ACU Parade Licence or a current ACU Road Race Competition Licence. 2. The minimum age for participation in Parades is 14 years. Where a participant is under the age of 18 years a Parental Consent Form must also be completed. 3. All participants must complete an Entry Form Declaration using the standard ACU wording for participation in Road Racing. 4. Riders must be members of an ACU affiliated club. 3. Documents. DVLA motorcycle licence and/or ACU licence and certificate of motor insurance applicable to that rider and machine must be produced at signing-on. 4. Insurance 1. The Insurance Company (Brokers) will be appointed by the ACU/MCRCB. 2. Organisers of PR5 Parades are expected to pay a fee in respect of the Public Liability premium. Please contact the Road Race Department for further details. 3. No Personal Accident insurance is included in respect of PR5 parades. 4. No cover is included in respect of machines, clothing or other personal property etc. 5. Clothing Full leather clothing (one piece or two piece zipped together) in good condition or suitable protective motorcycle clothing, including boots and gloves, designed for road use must be worn. (i.e. no paddock jackets, jeans, trainers etc. will be allowed on the track.) 6. Safety Helmets Safety helmets must be worn and fastened properly at all times and must be legal for road use. ACU Gold standard is recommended. 7. Identification A suitable means of identifying approved machines, riders and passengers must be used (i.e. headlamp stickers and wristbands). 8. Technical Control 1. Participants must ensure their machines and clothing meet the conditions stated in this document. 2. An approved ACU Technical Officer will be appointed. Checks will be carried out but limited to checking documentation and Registration Numbers. 9. Briefing 1. The Clerk of the Course of the Organising Club will conduct a briefing which all riders participating in the parade must attend. 2. Failure to attend the briefing will result in disqualification unless the Clerk of the Course has previously issued a waiver in writing to any participant. 3. The briefing will include Flag Signals, Speed, Safety, the Timetable and all other general arrangements for the conduct of the Parade. 10. Speed The average speed of the participants must not exceed 60mph. The speed of the parade will be dictated by the Clerk of the Course, who will take into consideration the circuit, conditions and machinery, and will be controlled by Pace Cars or Travelling Marshals. No participant is allowed to overtake a pace car or Travelling Marshal. 11. Number of riders permitted Parades containing 60 or less riders will be controlled by two pace cars/travelling marshals, one at the front and one at the rear. Parades containing over 60 riders are permitted, but will be controlled by one extra pace car/travelling marshals for each additional block of up to 60 riders.