Eligibility Process


Initially a bike owner applies for eligibility on our two standard forms solo or three wheeler. This form with photos is sent by post to the Eligibility Officer (EO). The EO will initially look at the information on the application. The EO may spot something that may not comply or may deem the bike OK.

Whichever way we have a standard form that the EO will fill out and post back to the applicant. The form is such that the EO can point out any matters of concern or simply tell the applicant that on first viewing the bike may be eligible and that the final check will be when the bike is first entered at one of our race meetings. The applicant must send this form with his first entry to our race meeting of this bike.

The entries secretary will hand the forms to the EO at circuit, who is then aware that the bike is entered in that race meeting. The EO will organise at least two members of the eligibility inspection team to check the bike over. This will establish if the bike confirms to our specifications, if so, a eligibility certificate will be issued.

If it the inspection team deem that the bike does not conform to our specifications the EO will fill out the officials use section of the standard form sent in with the entry. A copy of this is handed to the applicant and the original to the Clerk of the Course (C of C).

The C of C will at his/her discretion issue a standard ACU Decision of the C of C form to the applicant informing the applicant of the content of the decision and the applicants right of appeal as set out in the sporting code section of the ACU Handbook.

For bikes that are currently racing with us an internal notice form is available. This for the use of either an Entrant, Rider, Passenger or Licensed Official to report the nature of any infringement that may occur. This form is lodged with the EO. The EO will then follow the procedure of inspection as set out above. On the advice of the inspection team will either pass the bike as eligible or not.

In either case the form is handed to the C of C who will issue on advice from the EO a Decision of the Clerk of the Course form the result of the enquiry, whether favourable or not, to the applicant.